Hiking Miscellaneous

Choosing Hiking Boots

As someone who grew up spending all his free time playing in the woods, mountain and rivers, I can honestly say that good hiking shoes are more important than any other equipment. Actually, hiking shoes or boots are the only piece of equipment that I believe should never be bought used. Like with everything outdoors, they are great hiking shoes and boots, actually to many to pick from. As parents, it’s hard to decide which is the best pair, but here is some basic advice to help make the buying decision a bit easier.


Protect Our Parks During the Government Shutdown.

As the government shutdown drags on with end in sight, our national parks, national monuments and other public lands are paying the price. I’m sure that John Muir is rolling over in his grave. In many location, user groups are stepping up to help with protecting the parks, cleaning trash and local businesses are often […]

Rock Climbing


As a climber, I can’t imagine not exposing my daughter to climbing or the great outdoors in general. Rock climbing gets kids outdoors, helps them with problem solving skills, development body and movement awareness, improves communication and it generally just good clean fun. Let everything else with kids, a trip to the local crag does […]

Hiking Travel

Understanding Backpacks

Hiking open the world, providing you access to a variety of short local trails and opening the backcountry. For those wanting more adventure and options, longer hikes can be turned into overnight adventures better known as backpacking. Whether going for a day hike, or an extended back country trip, the right backpack for the occasion is key.


Improve Blog Performance

I’ve just discovered a great service to help me track better data and performance on my blog. Actually, they even help me grow a better following using organic techniques. Originally, I just wanted to use them to consolidate all my marketing channels and to have a marketing funnel created, but I think they have done […]