Life in Mongolia

7af8c-1236735_10200953937828517_186536339_nMongolia, Mongolia, Mongolia. It didn’t take long for Ernita, the dogs, and I to visit Terelj National Park. Let’s face it, we’re climbers and we need to know what the climbing is like.

Our first week was mostly school stuff that all new teachers have to deal with. Bank accounts, visas, housing, and learning our way to various stores, but once the weekend arrived, a couple of the more adventurous teachers decided to join us for our first trip to Terelj. While not climbers, they too just wanted to escape the city.

For Ernita and I, this was just a climbing reconnaissance trip, but we brought all the climbing gear anyways. Hey, we had a car and a place to sleep, so might as well bring everything.16a4a-1236798_10200953935588461_341277973_n

Terelj is just an hour and half outside of Ulaanbaatar. Uncrowded, clean, and full of wildlife, it was a welcomed escape. Even more welcome was the vast amount of granite stretching as far as the eye could see.

While our friends explored and enjoyed themselves, Ernita and I set out to find the cliff that were developed by some visiting climbers from Black Diamond. These climbers established a handful of routes, bolted and trad, and we wanted to test their qualities. Armed with a Nathan Smiths’ Guidebook, we had no trouble finding the bolted slabs.


With only two days, and others on the trip, we didn’t get as much climbing time as we would like, but we both knew we would return often. To check out other possibilities, and to enjoy ourselves, we rented a couple of horses from local villagers. Unlike renting horses in America, they were

no waivers, questions about experience, or guide. Instead, we were handed over our horses and asked when we would be back.

Overall a great weekend. Terelj has plenty to offer on the climbing front. Excellent knoby granite with some cracks too. Who knows, a drill may not be needed here. Only time will tell really.




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