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fat-3313923_1280Slowly, but surely, the pounds came. Like ants, one by one, then two by two. As a climber, extra weight is detrimental for sure. My ideal weight revolves around 185-190 pounds. At some point I reached 195 and soon, I saw 200 pound light up on the scale. While I could have blamed the batteries, I didn’t. Instead, I avoided the scale, told myself that “my weight fluctuates,” which it does and next thing I knew, I was at 220 pounds. That was November, and something had to be done.
How I got here was simple. Over the last two years, I stayed pretty active, but did greatly reduce my activity level. I stopped climbing mid-week and did very little hiking or cardio exercise. I have to admit, opening a new school was a big factor for my low energy level and lack of performance, but the honest truth is that I lacked motivation. Worse, I lacked discipline. I read somewhere that discipline is more important than motivation. Motivation comes and goes, but discipline is what keeps you going when motivation weans.

Time for a change

Ernita was out of the country, so changing eating habits was easy. My new meals wouldn’t inconvenience anyone else. What I didn’t know was where to start. With some research, I found My Fitness Pal, a website and phone app to help keep track of health.

The first thing I did with My Fitness Pal was tack my actual eating habits and caloric intake. My whole life I’ve heard that keeping track of things works. Make a budget and post it to save money is a good example. Well, after a couple weeks of tracking everything I ate, I noticed that the majority of my diet consisted of carbs. I consume very little sugar, but fruit kicked up sugar levels too. I was also surprised that I consumed between 2500 and 3200 calories per day. Something had to change.

Using the APP on my I-phone, I restructured my diet:

Daily Nutrition Goals 1400 calories

  • 15% Carbohydrates
  • 30% Fat
  • 55% Protein

It didn’t take long before I saw some results. In 4 weeks, I lost 22 pounds. Considering that I was surrounded by Christmas candy, cakes and cookies at school everyday, I felt pretty good.

I spent Christmas break with my mother in Southern California. For various reasons, I couldn’t justify a solo climbing trip, but I did manage to walk 5 to 8 miles a days for two weeks. By the end of the break, I was down 1992 pounds. Again, for years I read about the power of walking, but now, I experienced it first hand. I’m still not at my goal of 185 pounds, but I have learned a few things and I’m on my way.

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    1. Thanks for sharing. As for an education career in Arizona, I don’t see any longevity here for me. If Ed for Ed get everything they ask for, I might be able to sustain life, but I wouldn’t be living. While I love teaching, I have a young daughter to think about. I need to raise her in a place where education is important and where I can afford to give her a good life.

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