Why We Moved

Well, I’ve had some friends ask me why I moved to Southern California, especially since Ernita and I have said we couldn’t imagine moving to Los Angeles. Every time we came through, traffic, pollution and people would generally bug us. We always consider the cost of living to be higher than the quality of life offered, and that the California tax structure wasn’t worth the life it offered.

Spending a couple weeks with my mother over the 4th of July weekend was helpful. We visited local community park, my mother and I hiked some trails in the area, the coast is gorgeous and accessible and the opportunity to climb at several small local crags seem to pop-up around every corner.

The determining factor for us was deciding is Claire would have a better life in Arizona or California. We decided that open air concern to celebrate events, parks and trees were more beneficial than a lower cost of living.




Videos of Fourth of July Event

Patriotic American Waving his Flag


Claire Bouncing in the Inflatable Castle

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