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As a teacher, I love having time to take extended climbing trips. Of course, both my wife and I also like to be clean and enjoy showering on a regular basis. While shower at the gym isn’t as fun as sharing a shower at home, it definitely makes extended road trips more bearable.

With my new job and location, we decided that we wanted to start our Gym Membership ASAP. We visited several locations in the area and took a look at the location they had spread out over the country too. We wanted a great place to workout, but also a variety of location that could grab a shower at when traveling.

Searchable Map of 24 Hour Fitness Locations

Of course, we also have Claire to consider, so we wanted a place that had nice Childcare area for her while we worked out, or shower. 24 Hour Fitness offers some nice monthly package deals if you pay a monthly fee. If you visit the gym more then five hours a month and need child care, pay the extra upfront child care fee. It’s worth it.

After a few visits, we decided to go with 24 Hour Fitness. For our initial trial period, we managed to extend our free trial to two weeks, but with a little bit of talking, you can probably swing up to 30 days. 24 Hour Fitness is everywhere out West, and locations seem to open daily.

  • $30- $40/ month (We did a regular membership plus add on to save some money.)
  • Locations spreading, but currently heavily features in the West
  • Open 24 hours
  • Great facilities and great staff
  • Childcare (We pay $20.00 a month and get two hours a day


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