Donald Trump Toilet Paper

I have to confess, I’m not a big fan of wiping. It just seems like in the 21st century, we’d have come-up with a better method than placing a thin piece of paper between our fingers to remove any material left behind. Of course, I prefer to use toilet paper than leave a horrible brown streak. Bottom line, we still have better method to wiping than a wad of paper.

Of course, the discovery of Donald Trump Toilet Paper does seem to make the whole idea a little more pleasant to me. Now, when I sit down, I realize that our president will soon be using his puckered lips to clean my exit only trap door. This, for some reason, just bring a smile to face.
I have to admit, wrapping President Trump toilet paper around my hand while I seat on my throne brings a smile to my face. Actually, I now actually look forward to “having to go.” Readers, you have no idea how much more pleasure I have wiping ever Centimeter carefully, and repeatedly to remove every steak that pollute my other perfect shape.
Pucker-up Donald Trump, I feel the urge to purge my morning coffee.

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