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Understanding Backpacks

Hiking open the world, providing you access to a variety of short local trails and opening the backcountry. For those wanting more adventure and options, longer hikes can be turned into overnight adventures better known as backpacking. Whether going for a day hike, or an extended back country trip, the right backpack for the occasion is key.

Hiking Rock Climbing

BEAT THE HEAT- Climbing safe with kids during the summer months.

Rock climbing in the summer months offers some unique challenges, especially when cragging with kids. Hot well we tolerate heat plays a directly role in the fun factor at the crag. Of course, how comfortable our children are has direct impact on how much we can actually enjoy climbing.


Losing Weight with MyFitnessPal

Slowly, but surely, the pounds came. Like ants, one by one, then two by two. As a climber, extra weight is detrimental for sure. My ideal weight revolves around 185-190 pounds. At some point I reached 195 and soon, I saw 200 pound light up on the scale. While I could have blamed the batteries, I didn’t. Instead, I avoided the scale, told myself that “my weight fluctuates,” which it does and next thing I knew, I was at 220 pounds. That was November, and something had to be done.