Who am I? I can honestly say that my answer has changed several times during the last decade. The one constant, I’m passionate about climbing.

A one time, I would have said I’m a climber, and everything else would have been things I do. Now, I tend to see myself as a husband and father who climbs. I’m also a teacher.123

My wonderful family going deep Water Soloing
January 1, 2017

I’ve been fortunate to live and climb in several states and countries. Currently, our family lives in Bullhead City, Arizona. While most people haven’t heard of this some Arizona rural community, we’re quite well situated to reach several great climbing areas in Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah. We even have a climbing area in Golden Valley, halfway between Kingman and Bullhead city.


Ernita and I With Our Dogs

My family and I tend to climb most weekends. Colorado River School District, which I teach for, has a four day school week. This means I mostly have three day weekends. Our vacations also revolve around climbing trips to spectacular rock climbing destinations.

I love long trad routes, but until Claire is older, Ernita and I will be climbing mostly single pitch routes. I do have a couple other climbing partners to do long routes with, but my wife and daughter are my first choice when roping up. I’m willing to spend less time on multi-pitch routes to spend more time with my family.

I’m not sure where we’ll go on our next trips, nor where this blog is headed. I hope to keep it simple and interesting.



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