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Adventures, Fatherhood and Beyond

As a dedicated rock climber, my life revolved around the rush of the next climb, the thrill of new climbing areas, and the joy of exploration. I was a solitary person, thrilled by the challenges that each new climb presented. True friendship were few, possessions even fewer. The world was my playground, and international travel was as common as a walk in the park. I didn’t go on vacations, I took climbing trips.

When I found Ernita, it felt like the perfect route. As a climber too, she, understood my passion and shared my adventures. We were not just life partners but also climbing companions, exploring the world, one peak at a time. Over a meal with some coworkers, she explained that “Eman has to climb like a fish as to swim.” It was the perfect analogy.

As we settled into our shared life, subtle hints about the future began to surface. Friends and family started suggesting that starting a family would mean bidding farewell to our adventurous lifestyle. They warned that our days of extended travel and exploring out of the way locations would be replaced with parental duties.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried. Was I ready to trade my climbing gear for baby bottles? Was I prepared to swap my thrill-filled life for the responsibilities of parenthood?

Then, fatherhood arrived, and with it came a whole new world of experiences. I realized that being a father didn’t mean giving up my passion for climbing; instead, it meant sharing this passion with my children.

The transition was challenging. Our once flexible schedules now revolved around nap times and feeding routines. Our priorities shifted, and our lifestyle underwent a significant transformation. But we stayed resilient, and in this process, we discovered a new rhythm – a rhythm that included our children in our adventures.

Our kids live within the climbing community, surrounded by individuals who shared our passion. They learned the nuances of climbing culture quickly. Sometimes they climb, others they choose to just dig in the sand, build stone castles or play hide and seek. While I would love them to become climbers too, I won’t force it. What I am very proud of is that my children developed an affinity towards nature, foreign languages and other cultures. Climbing areas by nature are a salad bowl of cultures with a common interest bringing them together. No politics. No religion. Just an acceptance of one

Surprisingly, fatherhood didn’t restrict my climbing journey; it enhanced it. Seeing the world through my children’s eyes added a new dimension to our adventures. Each climb was now a family endeavor, and every journey was filled with precious memories. With that said, it’s also force me to try new things. If ten years ago you would have told me I would enjoy a cruise from time to time, I would have laughed at you, but we’ve been on a few now and are planning our next as I write this post.

Fatherhood taught me that life isn’t just about reaching the summit; it’s about sharing the journey with those you love. It’s about nurturing your children’s love for nature, instilling in them a sense of adventure, and watching them grow into strong, resilient beings. It’s amazing how summits become redefined as a parent. Out child’s first step, their first word, learning to use the potty and for my son, “Peeing like a big boy.”

Looking back, I realize that parenthood didn’t confine me; it expanded my horizons. It made me a better climber, a better explorer, and a better human being. The most rewarding climbs rarely the hardest but the ones shared my family. These days they are followed by some good food instead of instant noodles, a trip tot he park where the kids can meet and play with other children and if we’re really lucky, time with another family of climbers that we can share stories with.

As I sit here reflecting on my journey, I’m filled with a profound sense of gratitude. The path from being a solitary climber to becoming a climbing dad has been one filled with adventure, challenges and profound joy. Each climb, each step, has been a part of this incredible journey that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. I feel incredibly fortunate to have experienced so many adventures. But above all, the opportunity to share my passion for climbing and travel with my family, to see them embrace and love this lifestyle as I do, fills me with a gratitude that’s hard to put into words.

So here’s to the climbing life – may it always be an exciting adventure. Here’s to fatherhood – may it always remind us of what truly matters. And here’s to the mountains – may they continue to inspire us, challenge us, and unite us as a family.

In this journey of life, remember that each climb, each challenge, and each adventure is an opportunity to learn, grow, and explore. So embrace the journey, enjoy the climb, and cherish the moments.

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