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Always down for the adventure, living unforgettable journeys, and living life to the fullest. 

If one thing has remained constant throughout my life, it’s climbing. It’s become more than just a hobby; it’s my biggest passion. We’re fortunate to have experienced life living and climbing across several states and countries – and they’re only the beginning.

A family on the trail… 

Our family’s always ready for the next adventure; we currently live in Southern California. Along with my wife, Ernita, and beloved children you’ll find us venturing mostly through single pitch routes, sharing every update here. 

Our world behind the blog, learn a little more about us…

Most weekends, you’ll find us climbing. However, life behind the blog’s a little different. My wife and I both work in the education sector; for myself, I work as a Head of School while my wife’s also an educator working as an Elementary School Librarian. Although a sideline to the blog, we both hold immense pride in our careers and believe it’s a key part of our personalities. Through Teach 5.12, we pursue this instinct to share, educate and entertain all who welcome our page. 

Fitting hand in hand with our climbing, we love an adventure as a family. Whenever possible, we’re avid to live like locals and experience life around the nation and the rest of the world – sometimes that includes splashing out on some luxurious stays, but then again, who wouldn’t fancy a bit of TLC now and again. 

Always on the move…

Alongside our travels, we’ve recently bought a 10-year-old RV campervan. Dry camping our way through our spare time, expect to see a few updates on how it’s getting along or peaking in the back of our posts. 

Being kept on our toes, if it’s not parenting our little ones, it’s looking after our other family babies in the form of our three dogs! Life is never dull, and we intend to bring you all along for the journey. 

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