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Picture this: you’re standing atop a rugged cliff, the wind playfully tousling your hair as you gaze upon the sprawling beauty of the Peak District. Now imagine your children beside you, their eyes sparkling with awe and excitement. For my wife, Ernita, our spirited seven-year-old Claire, our daring four-year-old Sebastien, and me, this isn’t just an imagined scene—it’s a cherished family tradition.

Climbing, a shared passion of ours even before our duo became a quartet, was temporarily shelved during Ernita’s pregnancy. But now, we’re back on the crag and couldn’t be happier to share our love for this sport with our children and other families who visit this breathtaking region.

As parents, nothing beats the heartwarming sight of our kids growing confident, curious, and developing a deep appreciation for nature. And what better way to nurture these qualities than through family climbing adventures?

When we first started, we opted for simple, top-roped climbs, gradually introducing our little ones to the thrill and challenges of the sport. As we explored the Peak District, we discovered wonderful family-friendly spots that we can’t wait to share with other adventure-seeking clans:

Stanage Edge: This panoramic spot is perfect for families, offering manageable climbs and fascinating boulders that have captivated our kids time and again. Plus, it’s a great spot for a family picnic!

Burbage: With its diverse range of graded climbs and captivating rock formations, Burbage is a favorite. Watching experienced climbers here is a real treat, and our little ones love exploring the terrain.

Higger Tor: The walk to the top of this tor is always a hit with our family. With stunning vistas and plenty of rocks and tunnels to explore, it’s an adventurer’s playground for kids and adults alike.

Dovestone Tor: The trek to Dovestone Tor may be a bit longer, but the breathtaking views of the Derwent Valley make it all worthwhile. It’s a peaceful retreat with plenty of kid-friendly climbing spots.

Harborough Rocks: Situated just outside the Peak District National Park, Harborough Rocks offers easy-grade climbs and is conveniently located near the road. Ideal for beginners and kids, it’s a great spot for a family climbing outing.

We can’t wait to see your smiling faces on the cliffs, sharing in the thrill of the climb and the awe-inspiring majesty of nature. Until then, happy planning and see you at the crags!

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