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While traveling to Europe, I would make a grave mistake – skipping Serbia from my itinerary! Fortunately, it came to my friends’ notice, and they suggested I include this lovely country in the list of countries I planned to visit. I never knew that Serbia had so much to offer and if I had skipped it, I would have missed a great experience. History, nature, culture and adventure – this country has everything. In this article, I would like to introduce you to the top adventure travel destinations in Serbia, while the rest some other time, but soon!

1. Frusca Gora

A paradise for hikers like me, Frusca Gora used to be an island earlier and is a mountain today, boasting a widespread grid of trails. I was fortunate to be there in April as I could participate in one of the 125km ultra-extreme marathons that are held here annually along with a 4.4km children’s trail. Although it was heart-pounding, it was an equally exciting experience. Here I must tell you, Serbian people are very, very warm, and quickly let us mix with them, so you don’t feel like an outsider. All kinds of amenities including food and water are provided during the race, and a wonderful atmosphere is created with cheer-ups coming from all sides, all the way!

Apart from the excitement, don’t forget to experience the calm of the monasteries and lakes here. And also don’t forget to eat at the charming eatery named Arena on the top of Frusca Gora. Their mushroom stew (made from mushrooms handpicked from the Fruska Gora forest) is unforgettable. They also serve an incredible snail salad which you can try, to take your adventure further.

2. White Water Rafting

If you’re seriously after raising your adrenaline, you must go white water rafting and Serbia offers some of the best snow-melted rivers for that which are at their fullest and most challenging. The first one of them is River Drina.

I booked a wood cabin with a rustic charm by the river. Then I got introduced to my group; they all were happy, friendly, and helpful. I got some precious advice from them to wear waterproof socks which were lifesavers! The next morning brought me a never-before experience! The river is clean and lovely, and rafting down it was nothing but legendry.

If your hunger for adventure is not yet satisfied like mine, there are more snow-melted rivers like Tara, Lim, and Ibar. Go and raft down them too.

Tresnjica River Canyon / Kanjon Tresnjice

3. Trešnjica Gorge

I did my first ever canyoning at Trešnjica Gorge, and I got passionate about it. Trešnjica Gorge is a 6km long amazing canyon, and if you’re an adventure-lover, you must give this increasingly coveted extreme sport a try here. The best part is combining climbing, swimming, sliding, jumping, and abseiling here.

But Serbia has more canyons too. For example, Lazar’s canyon is the longest and deepest canyon in eastern Serbia. With its untouched natural beauty and many challenges, it’s a real gem for adventurers. Merely its vista can mesmerize you, but it has more to offer with its unique terrains, hydrograph and diverse plant and animal life.

4. Mount Tara

I was fortunate enough to visit Mount Tara where I got so many gems, including lush forests, canyons, ravines and even bears. According to legend, a Slavic god, Tar, lives here. Although there was an option of booking a donkey ride up the mountain, I preferred to conquer the mountain on foot.

As if to rest my feet that were tired after all the hard work, I got the chance to walk upon a very soft carpet-like meadow named Tepih Livada (meaning carpet meadow)! I can’t describe the joy my feet experienced!

Another enchanting feature of the region waits for you if you’re a wine enthusiast like me. As the Tepih Livada comforted my feet, Zupa wine region refreshed me! I booked one of the several organized tours arranged all through spring and summer. Needless to say that apart from watching winemaking, we were offered to taste too.

5. Tara National Park

As gorgeous as Mount Tara is the Tara National Park which offers so much to see and do. I enjoyed fishing, kayaking, biking and hiking here. The viewpoint Banjska Stena is something you shouldn’t miss out as it offers stunning views of Lake Perucac.

And of course, you shouldn’t even miss out on the lake house on a rock which you’ll find just here – it’s the most photographed place in Serbia.


6. Danube Cycle Trail

The Danube cycle trail is 1,800 miles long and while starting from Germany to ending at the Black Sea, it passes through ten countries. 365 miles of this trail are in Serbia. The Danube is a charming river and while biking along with it, you can enjoy its beauty.

7. Kopaonik Zip-line

Kopaonik is the place where the first zip-line of Serbia was introduced. It’s also the largest mountain chain in the country. So you can imagine how magnificent zip-lining through them might be! Since I was there around April-May, I missed winter sports. But if you visit the place in winter, you don’t miss them. You can enjoy winter activities also at Zlatar od Divičibare, Stara Planina – Babin zub and Zlatibor – Tornik.

8. Caving

I love caves and Serbia proved to be a heaven for me! This country has a lot of fascinating caves and I didn’t miss the chance to explore many of them. The caves I explored include the caves of Uvac, the Cerje cave and many more. Caves offer us a unique experience of entering the world of ancient humans and animals, jungles and nature. Serbia allowed me to take a slice of this world.

9. Lake Uvac

If you have some time in hand, pay a visit to Lake Uvac. I’m glad that I booked a marvelous boat tour on the lake and enjoyed watching tall limestone sticking up in the skies close on both sides and I also spotted the interesting griffon vultures observing us from the banks.

10. Jelasnicka Gorge

I have kept my most favorite in the last. If you read my blog regularly (thanks for that), you might have come to know by now that I am a passionate climber. In Serbia, I got some of my life’s best climbing to do. The country has a special reserve for rock climbing named Jelasnicka Gorge. It’s located in the Nis municipality which is packed with astounding views, ancient flowers, grand sights and waterfalls. Apart from being an ardent adventurer, if you’re a nature-lover, this place is a heaven for you that you can’t afford to miss.

If you know more adventure destinations in Serbia, don’t forget to share them with me. I hope you’ve started planning an adventure trip to Serbia!

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